Cremation Service Options


Eulogizing the Deceased

The dead are the best remembered by those who knew them intimately. Thus, a eulogy, presented by a close friend or a relative is likely to paint the most accurate and perceptive picture. If you decide to give a eulogy, remember the unique aspects of the deceased's personality that separated him or her from others. Focus on happy or otherwise memorable moments and incidents that gave meaning to the deceased's life and others' appreciation of him or her. There may be no greater tribute than to elicit laughter at a funeral that is kindled by fond memory. Instead of dwelling on what is lost, celebrate what was given to you and others who are present to pay tribute to a singular personality.

Setting The Tone

There has been a subtle shift in the tone of funerals in recent years, away from mournful toward more celebratory occasions. Much of this change can be attributed to preplanning, which enables individuals to dictate the details surrounding their own passing. By assigning themselves the responsibility of planning their own funerals and not burdening their families with the task, pre-planners are better able to frame the "event" in their own terms. Many see it as a chance to emphasize various aspects of their lives that made them unique. For instance, jazz lovers may opt for a jazz ensemble to play at their funerals; others may plan for friends and family to attend a post funeral dinner celebration. The possibilities are endless.

Celebratory funerals help us to cope with our loss while getting us in touch with the value of a life well lived. We can assist you and your family members in planning and coordinating all of the details of a funeral service. We understand that every family has a personal needs and preferences. That's why we have built a full service funeral establishment offering personal personal, distintive and affordable services to individuals and families.
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Service Options

Private Family Viewing:

  • Immediate family members may view the deceased in our private viewing room for up to one hour. The deceased is prepared for viewing and placed in the selected cremation container.

Family Witnessed Cremation:

  • For those who desire peace of mind of being present for the cremation process, we will schedule the cremation at a mutually agreed upon time during normal business hours.

Use of Equipment & staff for Memorial Service at your church:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a memorial service at your church.

Use of Facilities & Staff for a Memorial Service in our Chapel:

  • By using our chapel, a time and place is designated for family and friends to gather in remembrance. We will also arrange for clergy and includes a one hour gathering period prior to the service.

Use of Equipment Staff for Cemetery Committal Service:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a committal service at the grave site.

Arrangement Fee:

  • Allow our staff to arrange for a memorial service at a church or for the interment of the cremated remains at the cemetery