Cremation Service Options


Help when a Loved one Passes

Most people don't know what to do when a loved one passes away. As a survivor, you must not only cope with your grief, but at the same time organize the funeral, which carries great significance... not just emotional, but social and financial as well. In your moment of need you can count on us.

Many modern funeral rituals have their roots in ancient traditions. Whatever beliefs your loved one held - even if they are different from the rest of the family's - a dignified send-off provides comfort within a sense of tradition for the living while honoring the departed. For more information about funeral arrangements, contact us.

Personal Grief

While much has been said about it, comfort is still difficult to come by. Grief may be universal, but it is also quite an individual matter. This is one reason why psychologists sometimes have difficulties dealing with it effectively. The manner in which people deal with grief is influenced by culture, religion, and personality. Some people mourn publicly while others withdraw. Some search for meaning by asking what the life of the deceased meant or why death came at this particular time. Others never bother to ask these questions. Some people want to talk about how they feel; others do not. Grieving over a loss is normal and necessary, and some may get through it best on their own.
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Service Options

Private Family Viewing:

  • Immediate family members may view the deceased in our private viewing room for up to one hour. The deceased is prepared for viewing and placed in the selected cremation container.

Family Witnessed Cremation:

  • For those who desire peace of mind of being present for the cremation process, we will schedule the cremation at a mutually agreed upon time during normal business hours.

Use of Equipment & staff for Memorial Service at your church:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a memorial service at your church.

Use of Facilities & Staff for a Memorial Service in our Chapel:

  • By using our chapel, a time and place is designated for family and friends to gather in remembrance. We will also arrange for clergy and includes a one hour gathering period prior to the service.

Use of Equipment Staff for Cemetery Committal Service:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a committal service at the grave site.

Arrangement Fee:

  • Allow our staff to arrange for a memorial service at a church or for the interment of the cremated remains at the cemetery