Cremation Service Options


Death Takes its Toll

It is often said that one of the primary reasons to preplan a funeral is that doing so spares the surviving spouse and family members the burden of having to make funeral and burial arrangements under great stress. Just how much stress does a surviving spouse endure after the death of a beloved husband or wife? According to a recent medical study published in a leading cardiology journal, the risk of heart attack spikes 21 times higher than normal in the first 24 hours after the death of a close relative or friend. The average age of the study's participants was nearly 62, and the risk of heart attack jumped even among those with no previous history of heart disease.

Enduring Friendship

It is often said that it is the friends that you made along the way that made your life worthwhile. According to a new study, lifelong friends may help people live longer. In fact, an Australian study indicated that lifelong buddies may be even more important than close family ties when it comes to promoting long life. Researchers noted that this "friendship effect" persisted despite personal losses, such as the death of a spouse or the relocation of friends to other parts of the country. Friends may have a positive effect on mood, self-esteem, and coping mechanisms during difficult times. Keep your good friends close, and you will live on in their memories.
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Service Options

Private Family Viewing:

  • Immediate family members may view the deceased in our private viewing room for up to one hour. The deceased is prepared for viewing and placed in the selected cremation container.

Family Witnessed Cremation:

  • For those who desire peace of mind of being present for the cremation process, we will schedule the cremation at a mutually agreed upon time during normal business hours.

Use of Equipment & staff for Memorial Service at your church:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a memorial service at your church.

Use of Facilities & Staff for a Memorial Service in our Chapel:

  • By using our chapel, a time and place is designated for family and friends to gather in remembrance. We will also arrange for clergy and includes a one hour gathering period prior to the service.

Use of Equipment Staff for Cemetery Committal Service:

  • We will arrange for and be in attendance at a committal service at the grave site.

Arrangement Fee:

  • Allow our staff to arrange for a memorial service at a church or for the interment of the cremated remains at the cemetery