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Pre Planning

If you need assistance with pre-planning or cremation services call us. Our mission is to assist in the recognition of the value of a life lived and to facilitate meaningful ways for the family and community to celebrate the memory of their loved one. For those desiring a package plan of specialized services, we provide a separate listing for your consideration.

The impact pf a child's death can affect many people including the extended family, school friends and their families and teachers. There are many ways you can help yourself cope during this time. Ask for help and support from family, friends or a support group, and try to express whatever you are feeling, be it anger, guilt or sadness. Accept that death is beyond your control. For more information about bereavement groups, call us.

With advance planning, there are several important factors to consider. You will want to think about any religious practices that are expected by your faith. You should consider your family members and their desire to participate in the service by not over planning ahead of time. Instead, make general suggestions that can be adjusted to make the funeral more meaningful to the participants. For more information contact us.
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Reasons to Become a Member

Cremation is a personal and family decision. The reasons for selecting cremation are as varied as the families involved in the decision. As a form of caring for the deceased, cremation provides many options that may vary from the most basic service to specially arranged services recognizing a life well lived.

The Cremation Society of Vermont Provides the simplicity of dignified package services and options which allow you to select the level of service that appropriately meets your needs.

Becoming A Member:
  • Cremation Society of Vermont Membership Registration:
    This is a one-time, non refundable fee to become a member of the society.
    Receive the membership advantage, a reduced rate by becoming a member. Membership requirements are: a $50 deposit (either by credit card or check), filling out the preplanning form either here online or by mail and the individual who has passed has to have been a member of the Cremation Society of Vermont for at least 30 days.


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